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Permanent Residency for Skilled Workers
Skilled Workers and professionals are people, whose education and work experience help them find work and settle down as Perm
Residents in any country they wish to make their home. With large number of people retiring in developed countries like Canad
a every
year, the need for skilled manpower is growing tremendously. A whole new world awaits skilled workers & professionals wanting
to work in

Canada is the land of immense opportunities. The bountiful maple country is home to multi
cultural individuals from across the world.
Known for its cultural and environmental diversity, Canada is where the heart is at peace. One of the most vibrant economies
of the world
and the booming employment sector make it the most
sought after destinations for the skilled workers and professionals.
Canada is on the lookout for young, self
motivated and welleducated skilled workers & professionals to contribute to its economic growth.
Having a knowledge
based economy, the country is seeking job ready professionals who can fulfill the requirements and adapt in the
rapidly changing job market. Canada skilled worker visa is the life changing reward for all hardworking skilled workers and p
looking to make a living in the maple country.

Employment Prospects

The immigration authority of Canada has been introducing reforms from time to time to help making the process hassle
free and
transparent for the deserving people. The focus has shifted to choosing skilled workers and professionals with flexible and m
skills required to be successful in the effervescent economy of Canada. Work experience with proficiency in English, backed w
ith relevant
skills provides a solid platform for those who wish to be successful in life.

The unemployment rate is quite
low and Canada offers fast track Express Entry Program and PNP linked Express Entry streams in Ontario,
Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. The country also offers Skilled Worker Program and Provincial Nominee Programs (
PNP) in
the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Sask
and many others. Getting a work permit is a lot easier for the people who meet the comprehensive ranking system requirements.

Professionals in High Demand

Engineers (Civil, Mechanical, Software & Petroleum), Technicians, Teachers, Professors & Lecturers, Nurses, Healthcare, IT, S
ales & Mktg,
Banking, Insurance, Finance & Accounts, Insurance Adjusters, Trades Persons and many more are in high demand in the country.