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Prince Edward Island is one of the Eastern
most islands of Canada and is known for its pastoral scenery and enormous job
opportunities. If an applicant aspire to settle in Prince Edward Island, specifically, he/ she will have to apply under

Express Entry System for this Province.
If the applicant meets all the eligibility criteria of qualifying under the Federal Programs, a profile must be created under

the Express Entry system through Citizenship & Immigration Canada. If the applicant qualifies all the criteria, the profile i
accepted in the Express Entry Pool. There is no deadline of submitting the file; it can be submitted any time and will be in

the Pool for a period of 1 year. There is no capping in this system. The profile will be assessed based on the credentials

furnished in it and the top
tankers will be sent an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residency throughout the year.
Language skills, education, securing a valid Job Offer from a Canadian Employer, etc. are the major factors considered while

assessing the profile. Hence, these can be raised in order to stand at a better position in the Pool.